Abstract Art

Ike Wilhelm Bio

"Every piece of wood is like a snowflake, no two will ever be the same... it is natures art."  The same goes for the Abstract Art that Ike Wilhelm creates. " I take a wood panel that has an interesting grain and highlight the individual grain patterns with intense colors using custom wood dye. It is then finished with a catalyzed lacquer to give it a bright and durable finish ". He also makes the custom frames for every piece. Ike Wilhelm also does commissions of his Abstract Art and works with the customer to come up with a unique piece of art to fit any décor and color pattern. 

 Exquisite Woodworking owner, master craftsman and artist Ike Wilhelm is a Columbus Ohio native and a UC Conservatory of Music graduate in classical guitar. Ike is also an accomplished luthier, musician, song writer and music teacher. He has been playing the guitar for over 28 years and has a style uniquely his own. Music and Art are part of his soul; from crafting fine furniture, building an instrument, composing a song, or masterfully playing himself, Ike can "say more without words than whole choirs."- Mike Breen, critic at Citybeat.

" Whether it is a guitar, a piece of art or a piece of furniture, I pay very close attention to even the most minor of details. I hand select every piece of wood that enters the shop and search for the most unique and interesting wood grain."-Ike Wilhelm. At Exquisite Woodworking, Ike Wilhelm does all the design and brainstorming. He works with the customer patiently until the perfect design is reached to fit individual personality and budget. Details are most important aspect of every build and everything is handcrafted with traditional joinery and precision for structurally sound furniture and cabinets." Let me help bring your imagination to life by creating a one of a kind piece for you and your family to enjoy for years to come."